26 Eylül 2006

The Short History of Pistachios

According to some sources, the reliable historical indication of edible nuts directs attention to pistachios, the initial archaeological discoveries date back to 6760 B.C. (in a near settlements in the Neolith) in the district of modern Jordan. Then, pistachios were soon considered as food for the rich and the distinguished groups. Despite the fact that pistachio trees have been known for a long period of time, the place of their origin is questionable. They probably come from the Middle East, Persia, and western Asia, where they grew wild in the high desert regions. The history of pistachio nuts reflects royalty, endurance and pride. The times of pistachios backs to the Holy Lands of the Middle East. A story has it that lovers used to meet under pistachio trees and listened to the cracking of their nuts below moonlit nights, which was a sign that they would be fortunate. A rare fragility, pistachios were a favorite of the Queen of Sheba, who claimed cultivation of all her land for herself and her attendants. Although known to the Romans, the pistachio appears not to have reached the Mediterranean or most of the Near East in any quantity before medieval times. More recently, pistachio has been cultivated in California (first commercial harvest in 1976) and Australia.

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