20 Eylül 2006

There is a village in there

When you travel from the city center of Gaziantep to Balaban Koyu, firstly this view of Balaban greets you directly from over small mound. This sight belongs to a typical village of southern Turkey, pretty plain land, partly wooded region, rather agricultural fields. This scene is taken in the middle of the summer, that's why everywhere is pretty dry. That' s true fairly dry, most of time!

Do you like capers? If you have not seen yet, the small bushes just left alongside the road are totally capers. Watch out! it has really keen and hook thorn with its fruit.

Have you ever seen the pistachio tree? You easily see the young pistachio trees in the left side of road. Yes, I know they look like a little mature bush, but in fact they are really big, impressive and strong kind of tree. We will see it later!

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Yaman Caydere dedi ki...

it was the year of 2004 when i saw balaban village first. also it was night, and could not find an oppotunity to see the beauty of the whole place. night passed by eating delicious traditional food, chatting with fellas and sleeping in open air. that was the roof of the house though:)

when the morning lights hit on me, i woke up and faced to one of the most beautiful views i have ever seen. pistachious gardens, authentic village life, a superb breakfast and fresh air that i forgot in big city. it was like a therapy to me.

from that moment i always compared any place to balaban village. yet i have not found better. but still searching:)

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